We got some good feedback from our session with young co-operators at the beginning of the month; they braved the Scottish Spring to battle their way to New Lanark to discuss ways of promoting co-operatives and co-operative teaching in schools. Here are some of their suggestions:

  • Focus on primary schools to get the message across – creates a new generation of co-operators.
  • Promote co-op success stories.
  • Establish a mentoring program – use existing student co-ops to help new co-ops.
  • Incorporate it into the careers service at schools.
  • Decide on key messages: co-operatives promote personal development, develop new, practical skills, and offer something new/interesting.
  • Create opportunities to meet with other student co-ops (a Young Co-op Network).
  • Need to get teachers to recognise that the co-operative option makes sense in a lot of areas in a school – builds upon existing ‘co-operative’ activities.

Plenty to think about for us as educators and co-operators.