On the 11th of March, CETS is hosting an event which will bring together some of the many young people engaged in co-operative activity in Scottish education to discuss the idea of a ‘Co-operative Youth Network’. Fittingly, this event will be held in New Lanark where Robert Owen put into practice his pioneering ideas for a more co-operative society. Pupils from some of the schools in Scotland who are embracing co-operative teaching and learning (including some who are completing SQA qualifications in Co-operative Studies), as well as co-operative ways of working, will join together to participate in a series of participative and interesting activities. Attendees will also have an opportunity to undertake a guided tour of New Lanark.

The proceedings from this event will be communicated through this blog in the weeks following the event. We’re really looking forward to hearing what co-operation means to young people and it can be extended to others throughout Scotland.