In contrast to the 14 June, this event will focus on co-operative studies in higher education and explore ways in which it can be enhanced. Here are the details of the event:

We are happy to play a part in the celebrations around IYOC and to help raise awareness of the scale, scope and sustainable contribution of co-ops to the global economy.

However, we think it is even more important to ensure that 2012 creates a legacy and in particular in the field of education. 

There are many options in terms of co-op structures and growing areas of support but we keep coming back to the imperative, of the need to imbed co-operative values and principles and co-operative models of enterprise at the very core of our education system.  There are alternatives and we need to ensure future generations are made aware that there are alternatives.

Successful co-ops are based on member participation.  Progress, in co-operative teaching and learning, needs the participation of co-operative academics.  The basic economics of making the most efficient use of scarce resources still applies – we need your input to determine the most efficient  way to imbed co-operatives into the system.

We have an interesting programme with significant input from academics, practitioners and most significantly, students.  It will be even more interesting, stimulating and productive with your input so book your place by responding to e-mail below.

New Lanark Programme Details

Hugh Donnelly