On 9 February 2012, the UN International Year of Co-operatives (IYC) was launched at the magnificent (and slightly odd) Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh. Organised by the Holyrood cross-party parliamentary group on co-operatives, it was an event designed to showcase the political support for the co-operative movement in Scotland and provide an opportunity for co-operators across all sectors to meet and greet.

I am aware that I am biased but I must say that the quality of the event was superb; well-respected speakers (including finance minister John Swinney, who spoke with authority and passion on the role of co-ops in his constituency) and hardy exhibitionists co-operated to create an enjoyable and dynamic atmosphere. For CETS, it was an opportunity to showcase some of our most recent work (a couple of launch dates in the pipeline – we’ll keep you posted) and gain valuable feedback and contacts. Rather than try (and fail) to fully describe the tone and content of the event, I will let the excellent video produced by Glasgow’s own mediaco-op tell the tale.