5th November is a date I’m looking forward to – not because of fireworks but because it is the next Enterprising Practitioners Network meeting to be held in the Young Enterprise Offices in Glasgow.

Of course I am not ruling out some sort of sparks flying as the attendees at these events are inclined to say what they think and are happy to have strong opinions – one of the main reasons I enjoy this group! You can join in the conversation on Linked in at The Enterprise Practitioners Association Group on twitter @EPAScot.

The inaugural EPA meeting was held on the 27th August, in the Scotmid headquarters at Newbridge – accommodation and great lunch provided for around 50 attendees by them too! The theme of the event, of course, was co-operatives! David Erdal came along to offer his insights into employee ownership and explore how this can give people a stake in the organisation that can in turn create a more sustainable and fairer business models.Having been to Mondragon recently, (see previous blog) I now  also have a much better understanding of the value of employee ownership too. I would thoroughly recommend a visit to the Basque Region of Spain to see for yourself how successful this model can be – and their red wine is pretty good too!

This event also boasted the Real David Cameron as one of the guest speakers and as expected, thee attendees found lots of what he said, to agree with!

Also, come along to run a workshop on how to set up and run a Young co-operative within your school – they also didn’t miss the opportunity to sell some of their excellent fairtrade products!

If the 5th of November – focus on Young Enterprise this time – proves to be half as interesting as the August meeting then you will regret not having got out of bed on a Saturday morning to come along and get involved! Start Guy Fawkes Day with a ‘bang’ – or at least a bit of a sparkle!


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