Hopscotch Theatre production

“The Parliament Show”

Suitable for P1 – P7 & S1, Touring Feb – June 2011.  

I was invited to the dress rehearsal of Hopscotch’s newest production and was entertained as well as educated for the entire 55minutes! They achieved that difficult task of making “history come to life” for youngsters with humor, clever dialogue, believable characters and audience participation that was finished off with a real good sing along! Even I was reinvigorated with renewed belief in the importance of democracy, having been reminded how hard fought for my right to vote had been!

The production managed to simplify the history of the development of Scottish democracy, from serfdom, through the Darien Adventure, to the union of the Crowns, Suffragettes and back to the reconvening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, in an engaging, high speed 55 minutes without losing the thread.  The mixture of clever writing and strong engaging characters, delivered by four enthusiastic and talented actors allowed the audience to be believably carried along with  “wee Jenny’s” transition from couldn’t care less attitude about her school visit to the Scottish Parliament to becoming an active member of her own school council.

I can thoroughly recommend this production as a great starting point to any project involving the students taking personal responsibility, such as setting up co-operative enterprises or tackling Global Citizenship. Perhaps it is particularly relevant at a time when we are seeing the peoples of the Middle East striving for democracy.  

The other as well as or an instead option is a 90minute “Drama and Democracy” workshops, which can be used at any stage in  the school. They also have great accompanying resources written to support this topic further in the classroom. At £150 the drama session looks like great value for money!

Drama Synopsis

Wee Jenny is whisked back in time during a visit to the Scottish Parliament, the ghostly figure of Purly Wilson appears and explains why participating in our representative democracy is so important…how we fought to have our devolved parliament and how women have in recent history fought to have the vote. 

Free – Teachers Resource Packs
These specially commissioned packs contain lots of resources and exciting lesson ideas including some pre-show activities and suggestions. (Packs funded by The Scottish Co-operative Membership)