CETS are sponsoring an event at Glasgow University to help schools and colleges achieve Fair Trade status

Education Fair Trade Summit

Hosted by the University of Glasgow
Led by City of Glasgow Fair Trade Cooperative

Thursday, 10 March 2011, 9.30am to 12.30pm

Entry free of charge

Schools, Colleges and Universities in the west of Scotland are doing great things. When it
comes to fair trade, the annual report card says ‘could do better’! In Fair Trade Fortnight 2011

the University of Glasgow will host an education summit to which representatives from all

schools, colleges and universities in the west are invited.

The summit is being led by members of the City of Glasgow Fair Trade Cooperative.

After an official opening we hope to welcome a producer from the developing world to

address the summit. There will be several presentations by groups who have successfully

achieved fair trade status in their institution.

After a break there will be sector-specific workshops and small meeting groups for people

with particular responsibility for procurement and catering, schools, and for staff and students

at colleges and universities.

The summit can accommodate 150 teachers, pupils, students, lecturers, administrators and

other responsible officers.

Lunch will be provided from 12.30pm.

Come and share your experiences and find out how to achieve fair trade status, how to

maintain the status, and what you can do to contribute to the City’s profile as a fair trade city.


Mark Irwin for Schools at

Dr Phil Cotton for Colleges and Universities   .

This event is sponsored by the University of Glasgow, the Co-operative Group Membership in Scotland and Northern
Ireland and the Co-operative Education Trust Scotland.